Ondeh Ondeh Dessert

Ondeh ondeh (pronounced as onday onday) is a dessert made using sweet potato and its filled with gula melaka (palm sugar) then rolled in fresh grated coconut. Once cooked and ready to be eaten, pop it into your mouth and the palm sugar will burst when you take a bite. What a sweet sensation… No wonder this is one of the favourite traditional dessert in Malaysia! For the video recipe, please proceed here.Ondeh Ondeh 1

Ondeh Ondeh - Purple

We used purple sweet potato

Take note (step 9 – not included in the video recipe) : Placing it into ice water will help retain its texture – adapted from another recipe

Ondeh Ondeh 13 - Purple

Yum… Definitely loving the bursting sensation of the palm sugar in my mouth…



Avoid Being An Unprofessional Interviewer

Having been to quite a number of interviews – all for different jobs, I’ve experienced some upsetting things that I think interviewers should not do. Yes, interviewer (the person interviewing you). Not interviewee (a person who is being interviewed).

Upon searching on the internet, I see a lot of sites that has tips for the interviewee, but not for the interviewer. As an interviewee, the person I meet (interviewer) will give me an idea of what the company is like. To me, this is the person that represents the company.

People always stress about what an interviewee should or should not do but never about the interviewer. That’s a bit unfair isn’t it? I know, it’s always about whether the company wants you or not. But it’s also about if they are going to gain or lose a talented employee, like yourself!

So here are some of the things I’ve experienced which I think an interviewer should take note.

Late for the interview

As an interviewee, we’ve always been told to arrive earlier than expected, preferably at least 15 minutes earlier. Never arrive on the dot as this will leave a bad impression. Same goes for the interviewer. When you reach their office, your interviewer is nowhere to be found! Why don’t they be there slightly earlier, or at least be on time?

So maybe he/she is the boss of the company, but does this means he/she can be late? Where is the professionalism? Time is precious to them, time is precious to us too.

The longest I’ve waited for the interviewer (also the boss) is close to 2 hours. He definitely left a very bad impression. It speaks about the way he works and runs the company. On top of that, he was arrogant in his speech. I lost my respect for him.

Spelling mistakes

They spell your name wrongly. Or maybe just some really funny typo errors. That just goes to show how professional they are and leave you wondering if they ever take the time to check their work.

Being rude

Downright rude. The interviewer doubts your skills and went on to compare you with his current employees. If you are a fresh graduate, you are just trying to land a job to gain more experience. Right?

There he is, going on about how inexperienced you are and saying that our Generation Y – the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s – could not make it in this industry. So maybe that is Y, we Generation Y end up in this vicious cycle (I have no experience – I can’t find a job – I have no experience – I can’t find a job…)

An air of arrogance

The interviewer or boss questions if you heard of this ________ (insert brand name). “Do you know about this… That… See, you haven’t even heard of them”. Not everyone heard of every single brand in the world. Hey, he might not even know some of the brands that we know of.

Ways to identify this sort of person; he only talks about himself but never about his employees’ contribution. My friend once said, “always work with the boss, not for the boss”. It makes sense to me.


Failure to call back despite saying he (interviewer) will call to follow-up with you on this day.  So you are waiting for the call but no one called. You call their office, the receptionist said she will get in touch with him and get back to you in about 15 minutes. An hour passed, no call again. You call back. Receptionist said the interviewer will get back to you during the weekends – why didn’t she call as mentioned.

I’m sure we can somehow tolerate this. But if the interviewer can’t call for a follow-up as stated on the letter, please have the courtesy to inform us. Not play MIA – missing in action.

Leaves you hanging

So you are negotiating your pay and other details with your future employer via email or text message. You told him what you are expecting, and if everything goes well, you are prepared to start work tomorrow. Your future employer does not bother to reply – maybe because he can’t come to terms with what you negotiated. He has chosen to take the unprofessional route and leave you hanging and wondering the whole night.

– ♦ –

Have you experienced anything like that? Feel free to share with me, I would like to hear your stories! I managed to find a blog that talks about how to be an exceptional interviewer. After all, we are just looking for a job, don’t be harsh.

Walking Into Dreamland

Sleeping On Bedroom Slipper

Two pairs of bedroom slippers lying around the house. This is just one of them. I see my human sisters wearing it everyday at home. At first, I thought these shoes were meant for chasing or chewing. Why would they want to wear something like that at home? I’m always barefooted and I like it this way. I never understand human’s logic.  I have never seen them chew or slept on it before. But I soon realised that these were meant for wearing and walking around the house.

Sleeping On Bedroom Slippers

Sometimes I see them unattended, not fulfilling its purpose. I steal it and sleep on it. That’s a clever idea isn’t it? I can hear it from their laughter that they find my antics funny. I love getting their attention! These are so soft and comfortable. It’s not just a pair of bedroom slippers to me, it’s  a toy, it’s a cushion, my makeshift pillow. I can’t help but fall asleep on these… Walking into my dreamland now… They should really try it some day…