Snail Mail A Card

What’s a better way to tell your family, loved ones or friends you treasure them than to send them a snail mail? Nothing.

Technology has changed the way we communicate. The old tradition of writing someone a letter or a note has long been gone. Revive this tradition again and put a smile on someone’s face! To me, handwritten notes are always sincere and heartfelt. Remember the feeling you had when you open your mailbox and you see greeting cards? I have been longing for that feeling for quite a bit.

Today, I am going to show you how I make my cards. 100% DIY.


– scissors or a pen knife

– card stock (using kraft card stock)

– stamps

– ink pad

– fluff hearts (optional)

– hot glue gun (optional)

– envelope


Hello Pink Fluff Heart Procedures

– measure card stock and cut your card (10cm x 15cm or any size you like)

– stamp your design or words on card

– write your letter on the back of your card (remember to write before you glue the hearts on)

– glue fluff hearts using hot glue gun (press on heart a little to make it adhere better, careful it’s hot)

Hello Pink Fluff Heart CardsHello Pink Fluff Heart Envelope

You are done! Simple and classy. Ready to be mailed out to friends.

I am so excited to mail these out to my girl friends! These girl friends of mine are whom I met during my three months training overseas as a flight stewardess. They were my only buddies in a foreign land. We had our ups and downs but I definitely do treasure and miss the times we had! 


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