What Inspires You?

My all time favourite songs are from Buddha Bar and Cafe Del Mar. Whenever I need some relaxing moments, I will choose to listen to either one of them. Sometimes Cirque Du Soleil. Sometimes High Society.

What I like about these music is, they are mostly instrumental and puts me in a very zen-like mood.

Music like these never fail to fuel my imagination and gives me inspiration.

Back in my university days (2011), I mostly listen to these songs while doing my Graphic Design assignments. I once had to do a logo and branding for a coastal apartment in one of Western Australia’s beach. The visual identity should appear clean, safe, community based, family friendly, relaxing and active. This song, Aquarius by Alejandro De Pinedo, was what inspired my direction of the brand.

It’s how amazing a song can inspire us to create things that wouldn’t occur to us consciously.

Have you ever had such a moment before? Or had a song that inspired you in one way or another?

Take a moment to enjoy this piece of music. Aquarius by Alejandro De Pinedo (Café del Mar – Volume Doce).



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