Green Tea

I’m a tea person. Not a tea expert but a tea lover. I drink tea without sugar or milk. Tea at its purest. I believe tea is to be enjoyed at its best, without anything. Just plain tea leaves and hot water. I love all kinds of tea, from Earl Grey to Tie Guan Yin to Green tea. I have been drinking green tea for many years without knowing much about its health benefits until recently. Ever since discovering its many benefits, I would never think of giving up my cup of green tea.

Here are some of the benefits I discovered about green tea from the internet :

Helps in weight loss

Yup! I have a lecturer who drinks green tea everyday when she was trying to lose some weight. Does it help? Yes, I can see a huge difference. There are researches out there that says the chemical EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) found in green tea increases our body’s metabolism. Catechins, the antioxidant found in green tea, will boost our metabolism and helps to burn fats and lose the kilograms.


Ever wondered how the Japanese always look so young and healthy? From my observation, I have concluded that it’s the green tea that is the secret. Every Japanese restaurant, no matter where, they serve green tea. Before a meal, green tea. During a meal, green tea. After a meal, green tea or even green tea ice cream. Green tea contains some of the most powerful antioxidants. When taken internally, it is thought that it helps to slow down the ageing process. It has been shown that EGCG is more powerful than vitamin C and E.

Full of antioxidants

Green tea is full of antioxidants and vitamins. Of all the vitamins found in tea, vitamin C is the most abundant. Green tea is said to have 10 times as much vitamin C as black tea! Vitamin C helps to strengthen our immune system, helps to lower the risk of cancer and also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Helps fight acne

Most Japanese have flawless skin. I’m sure it’s the green tea that is the secret here. Green tea – many acne sufferers swear by it. Based on scientific studies, green tea can fight hormonal acne, reduce insulin levels so our skin produces less sebum and it can help to reduce the swelling and redness of acne.

After reading all these fantastic benefits, these are what I tried so far :

Drinking green tea almost every day

I drink it throughout the day and visualising my hot green tea washing the bad fats away and cleansing my body internally.

Placing cool green tea bags on my eyes to reduce puffiness

After drinking my green tea, I let the tea bag cool down before placing on my eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. You can run the tea bag under tap water if you do not have time to wait for it to cool. Or you can put it in the fridge before using.

Apply cool green tea bag all around my face as a toner

Wash your face as per normal. Make yourself a cup of green tea. Remove tea bag and allow it to cool, run the tea bag all around your face. You can feel your skin tightening a little and refreshingly clean.

Cup Of Green Tea

I love the flavour of green tea. If you are planning on stocking up some green tea, look at the ingredient list. Choose the ones that has only green tea in it and no other added flavour. Mine has chlorella in it. Chlorella – a common single-celled green alga of both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, frequently turning stagnant water an opaque green. Or just head down to a Japanese supermarket and find yourself some green tea! What other benefits have you discovered? I’m going to leave you to discover the benefits while I sip my cuppa green tea…


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