Do We All Procrastinate?

I’m a huge procrastinator. I never get down to doing what I want to do and I always end up on social networking sites. Does this sound eerily familiar to you? If your answer is yes, you might just be a procrastinator as well. I take too much time to complete a simple task because I’m always procrastinating.

What goes on when I’m procrastinating : Oh, I need to get some work done. But my desk is messy, let me clear some stuffs away and clean it. Look at the time, it’s lunch now. I’m too full to do anything now. Why not take a break before I start doing my work? It’s 3pm now, better start working.

When I finally decide to start on my work, I take a long time to settle down. Oh, let me check my Facebook first. Slowly easing myself into my work…

Every now and then, I try to come up with ways to prevent procrastination.

Here are some of the ways I use to prevent procrastination

Make a list

Write down a list of things you need to do. I find that writing it down helps because I am able to cross out things I have completed and it always makes me feel better when I see that I have done something. Start with small or easy task first, this will get you going. Break up the task if you need to, it’s easier to keep track and manage. Example, if you need to go on WordPress, don’t just write ‘WordPress’ on your list. Break it down into steps – reply comments, write a new post.

Be organised

When you have a messy and unorganised desk, there will be some distraction. Always try to keep it neat. Or at least clear some mess before you start your work. But don’t take up too much time to clear and clean your desk, take less than 5 minutes. Then start to keep your focus on your work. At the end of the day, clear up whatever mess so you can start with a fresh and organised desk the next day!


Force yourself to start doing it. No matter how small a task is, just do it. You will slowly get the hang of it and enjoy finishing all the tasks you have written down on your list. Remind yourself that if you don’t do it, think of the consequences you will have to face later on – late nights and no sleep.

Social networking sites

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… You name it. Just stay away from social networking sites while you are at work. You can always check on it during your break after you are done with your task. Close these sites and focus.

Set time limits

Give yourself a time limit to finish a task. This will help keep you focus on what you are doing. Trust me, you will feel better this way because you can always take a break after you are done! The sense of achievement is great. Divide your time if it’s a task that requires more work. This will be less daunting and you won’t stress yourself out too much.

Reward yourself

After finishing a task, give yourself a break. You deserve it! Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, have a snack, play a game (I play Candy Crush) or just relax. Rewarding yourself makes you feel happier and ready to go on your next task!

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

Alright, time for a toilet break and a game of Candy Crush before I start on my next task! Have you ever dealt with procrastination? Share with me how you prevent yourself from procrastinating!



7 thoughts on “Do We All Procrastinate?

  1. Like the tips. To avoid social media sites, my work computer is not connected to the INTERNET. That’s where the data-based work I do is done and I cannot go online. I also had to develop that self-discipline learn and work one hour straight on a project and ignore my whining. I found I was a procrastinator because I had not forced, cajoled and trusted myself to learn how to just sit and do a project. Now I regret those hours of flitting about when it was all so much easier just to be done.

    • Thanks! It’s never easy for me to just sit and do my work as well. Somehow my mind will wander off or I find myself doing other things instead. But whenever I find myself procrastinating, I will use some of those methods to steer myself back on track.

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