Lavender Shortbread

A little while back, we chanced upon this Lavender Shortbread recipe here. We’ve tested it and it tastes so great! Loveee the smell of lavender. When eaten, it’s even better!


250g of butter

2 tbsp of lavender (fresh or dry)

250g of plain flour

120g of cornflour or rice flour (we used cornflour)

180g of caster sugar


– Beat butter and sugar until a little creamy.

– In a separate bowl, sift flour and cornflour together (then add a quarter of this into the butter and mix in gradually).

– Add lavender (we use dried lavender) and remaining flour a little at a time.

– Mix until it becomes a dough (careful not to over-beat).

– Form the dough into a ball with your hands then wrap it with cling film.

– Put into refrigerator to chill for 30 minutes.

– Remove dough from refrigerator.

– Sprinkle some flour onto surface and rolling pin.

– Roll dough out to about 1cm thick (it will be harder to cut into shapes if it’s too thin).

– Cut dough using your choice of cutter and place onto baking tray.

– Put into oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until light golden brown.

– Remove baking tray from oven and sprinkle some caster sugar on shortbread while it’s still hot.

– Transfer onto a plate to cool.

Lavender in Kings Park

Lavender in Kings Park (Perth, Western Australia)

Would you like to have a cup of tea?

Lavender Shortbread


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