Walking Into Dreamland

Sleeping On Bedroom Slipper

Two pairs of bedroom slippers lying around the house. This is just one of them. I see my human sisters wearing it everyday at home. At first, I thought these shoes were meant for chasing or chewing. Why would they want to wear something like that at home? I’m always barefooted and I like it this way. I never understand human’s logic.  I have never seen them chew or slept on it before. But I soon realised that these were meant for wearing and walking around the house.

Sleeping On Bedroom Slippers

Sometimes I see them unattended, not fulfilling its purpose. I steal it and sleep on it. That’s a clever idea isn’t it? I can hear it from their laughter that they find my antics funny. I love getting their attention! These are so soft and comfortable. It’s not just a pair of bedroom slippers to me, it’s  a toy, it’s a cushion, my makeshift pillow. I can’t help but fall asleep on these… Walking into my dreamland now… They should really try it some day…


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