From Waste To Food

Does the title disgusts you somehow when you see the word ‘waste’? Fret not. When we mention ‘waste’, we are not talking about any fecal matter.

Upon browsing the internet, we’ve found something really interesting we would like to share with you.

Okara Floss –  the floss is made from soy bean pulp, a by-product of soya bean milk production.

Very innovative, I would say!

Currently not sold in the market, it is still in the early stage of promoting awareness to people.

Here’s the article and here’s the video showing people’s reaction and comments. 

All of the 10 people interviewed gave Okara floss the thumbs up!

Would I eat this? Yes! Why not? It’s made from clean food that could be eaten instead of letting it go to waste.

Would you try this too?

Okara Floss


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