Thank You

As cliché as it may sound, I would like to say a big ‘thank you‘ to those who invented the Internet and Wi-Fi connection.

Just recently, my Wi-Fi modem decided to break down on us late at night. Panic went around in the house. What are we to do without the Wi-Fi connection? Yes, we can still access Internet on our phone using 3G but ultimately we still need Wi-Fi so we can surf from our laptops.

Called up the company right away. Technician came down next day but identified that it was due to something else that he can’t fix. A constant “oh no…” is what I could hear in my head then.

With no access to the internet, what can I do? I have decided to do some crafts. Some cutting and stamping the whole afternoon. It was a miracle I survived.

After some drama, Wi-Fi connection is back! It was like a ‘we have hope’ moment…

We tend to take things for granted until we lose it. Internet connection becomes a everyday thing that you expect it to be there. But when it’s not working, the sky comes crashing down…

I have realised that besides the Internet, I can ‘survive’ the day by doing other stuffs, such as crafts. Crafting makes me feel inspired and relax!

– ♦ –

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