Creating Your Own Rubber Stamp

This is a really cheap method of acquiring stamp designs that you need but couldn’t find in the market.

It’s a fun craft that I really like and I can spend the whole afternoon carving my stamp away!

Here’s how I create my stamp…


– eraser

– pencil

– penknife

– carving tool


Penguin Stamp Procedures

– create your drawing on a piece of paper (remember to reverse your design so it will stamp out the correct side)

– outline your drawing using pencil

– flip the picture over and place it on your eraser

– shade all areas using pencil, the picture underneath will ink up on the eraser

– start carving

Penguin Stamp

A slow process but a satisfying end result! 


– I drew my design in Adobe Illustrator and printed it out

– you can, however, grab any design you like from the web

– you can choose to trace your design onto the eraser using tracing paper

– you can also work on an eraser with design on it, shown here



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