Creating Your Own Foam Stamps

I love making stamps… I’m sure many of you out there share the same passion as me when it comes to stamps.

Finally, I’ve found some time and foam to make myself some stamps. Before going into making foam stamps, I’ve tried carving rubber stamps. Carving stamps out of rubber takes more time and ‘eye power’ – scrutinising into intricate details and making sure every hand movement you make will not destroy it.

Creating stamps out of foam is not exactly a new thing but it still amazes me! It’s so simple and fun!

Here’s a mini tutorial of how I create my foam stamps.


House Foam Stamp 1


House Foam Stamp 2

– draw your design on a sheet of foam

– cut out shape with scissors or pen knife

House Foam Stamp 3

– indent your details using ballpoint pen (alternatively, you can use the tip of a mechanical pencil)

House Foam Stamp 4

– adhere your foam stamp onto a clear plastic sheet with hot glue gun

– then use masking tape to stick the back of the clear plastic sheet onto an acrylic block

House Foam Stamp 5


Ink pads used here are Versacolor Cube // White and Brilliance // Moonlight White


– the reason why I adhere my foam stamp onto a clear plastic sheet is so whenever I stamp, I can see where exactly I’m stamping.

– once your foam stamp is adhered to the clear plastic sheet, you can use a masking tape to stick the clear plastic sheet onto an acrylic block for better handling when stamping.

– using masking tape is better than double-sided tape. I hate having sticky residue stuck onto my acrylic block.


Creating Your Own Rubber Stamp

This is a really cheap method of acquiring stamp designs that you need but couldn’t find in the market.

It’s a fun craft that I really like and I can spend the whole afternoon carving my stamp away!

Here’s how I create my stamp…


– eraser

– pencil

– penknife

– carving tool


Penguin Stamp Procedures

– create your drawing on a piece of paper (remember to reverse your design so it will stamp out the correct side)

– outline your drawing using pencil

– flip the picture over and place it on your eraser

– shade all areas using pencil, the picture underneath will ink up on the eraser

– start carving

Penguin Stamp

A slow process but a satisfying end result! 


– I drew my design in Adobe Illustrator and printed it out

– you can, however, grab any design you like from the web

– you can choose to trace your design onto the eraser using tracing paper

– you can also work on an eraser with design on it, shown here


In search of white ink pads

Searching for the mysterious good white ink pad is never easy. It’s like on a quest to find a white unicorn in the midst of a gem forest. Out in the market, I’ve found many different kinds of white ink pad but I’ve taken note of a few of them based on reviews.

I’ve tried VersaColor Cube // White with rubber stamps on brown kraft paper, it comes out a little smudge, not crisp looking. I’m on a search for a good white ink pad that stamps well on kraft paper with a nice opaque crisp effect.

Below are some of the reviews I’ve found.

Memories Pigment Ink Pad // Unicorn

Product | Review

ColorBox Pigment Stamp // Frost White


VersaMagic Multi-surface Chalk Ink Pad // Cloud White

Product | Review

Papertrey Ink’s // Fresh Snow

Product – Couldn’t find how it looks like | Review

Brilliance Archival Pigment Ink Pad // Moonlight White

Product | Review

– ♦ –

I was thinking of getting Memories but they don’t have it at my place. Might go somewhere else to search for it. We have ColorBox, VersaMagic and Brilliance. Now I’m just confused, not sure which would be a good white ink.

If you know of any good white ink that could be used on dark kraft paper/ cardstock, do let me know. Thanks!