Overdress Or Underdress

The clothes we wear says a lot about us. It represents you; your personality and your style.

Clothes is one of the way we can express ourselves. Like it or not, we subconsciously dress up to impress others. We are sending a message to people with the way we dress.

I’d rather be overdressed than to be underdressed. Being underdress makes me feel uncomfortable and unconfident about myself.

I’m not a jeans person. I used to own a pair of jeans but now I don’t. My wardrobe is filled with dressy/casual shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses, etc. I usually prefer wearing a dress. It’s easier because I don’t have to think of what to wear for the bottom and it can look casual and elegant at the same time. :)

I would like to think that our body is like a plain canvas and clothes are the paints that add colours and dimension. We are a walking form of art.

Here’s my little imaginary wardrobe. Feel free to take a look!

– ♦ –

In response to Daily Prompt : The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

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