My Dog Senses

My Dog Senses 1

Did I hear the word ‘new’ and ‘gardening’?

My human mummy just bought some herbs and flowers back. The soil’s earthy smell, is so inviting…

Human sisters getting ready to help out while I… Laze around to enjoy the view and smell the flowers?

My Dog Senses 2

Our new additions to our mini garden

Welcome Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Basil and Sweet Basil

Human mummy loves Lavender, so there’s a pot of Lavender too. I can smell it with my pointy nose up in the air. {sniff sniff}

They smell so good!

My Dog Senses 3


Looking ready to blossom soon

My Dog Senses 4

Mini Petunia

Simply beautiful

My Dog Senses 5

They say that dogs cannot see the full spectrum of colours but they have a good sense of smell.

Who says I need to see colours to be able to enjoy the view of the lovely flowers? Smelling them makes me just as happy.

Thank you for stopping by!

Excuse me while I continue to enjoy the view and smell our new flowers…

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Sorry, I’m Busy Grooming

Lady K Grooming Sheepy

Human Sister : Look at your toys, they are everywhere!

Me : I know… But I like it this way… :(

Human Sister : Come, let’s put your toys back into your toy box, shall we? :)

Me : Erm… Sorry, I’m busy grooming Sheepy now.

Human Sister : Fine… I’ll do it then. Grrr…

– ♦ –

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It’s Doggie Playtime

Lady K Choosing Toy

Picking one of my favourite toy, Sheepy

I have too many toys to choose from! I’m spoiled with choices. I get all these toys from countries which my human family goes to for travelling. Some are birthday toys, some are random toys. Some are handmade toys from my human sisters! I love them all!

Do I have toy obsession? Am I a hoarder? Am I in denial? No, I’m not… I’m not! I’m just a spoiled Sheltie, loved by many.

For this amount of toys I have, you might think I need help choosing what to play with. Nope! I am capable of choosing what I want to play and when I want to play. I manipulate my human family whenever I need someone to play with. All I have to do is, pick a toy and go staring at them, they will get the hint. And I’ll be chased around with the toy in my mouth, getting them to play tug of war toy with me.

Score! Me (1) Human (0).Lady K Toys

Just my tiny toy box, not so tiny maybe

Lady K Crochet Toys

Crochet toys from my human sister

It’s back to playtime now! Ciao…

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